Home Hacks to Help You Clean Your Expensive Coffee Maker

Not really possible to imagine starting the day without that good cup of coffee, can you? Rightly so. Coffee gives you the adrenaline that helps you keep the energy high through the day.

Some people can swear by their coffee maker, they love it so much. The love for coffee extends to the coffee maker and it is something that you use at least once a day, if not multiple times. A machine that gets used so often, surely needs a thorough cleaning once in a while. While, you don’t need to get coffee maker serviced, you need to attend to it yourself.

Signs That Coffee Maker Needs to Be Cleaned

How do you know it is time that you clean that coffee maker? There are signs you need to note. You can clean it once a month as per norm but the older it gets, it might need frequent cleaning as well. Below are the signs that suggest that your coffee maker needs better cleaning:

Coffee Starts Tasting Odd

You know how you love your coffee the best. The next thing that knows it is the coffee maker and if the taste is not like the usual then the probability is that something is amiss. The coffee might start tasting odd and stale when there is mold forming on the coffee maker, take that as your sign.

Takes Longer Time to Brew

The coffee maker gets your coffee ready in stipulated time, you’ve used it enough to get the idea of the time it takes. If the coffee maker is suddenly taking longer time to brew the same amount of coffee, it shows that something is wrong and it needs attention. Tend to it.

Makes Noise but Does Not Brew

One of the common signs of a coffee maker being out of order is that when it makes brewing sounds, but doesn’t carry out actual brewing. This means that you need to clean that coffee maker. The coffee maker cannot make it any more obvious.

Louder Than Usual

The coffee maker’s sound is like music to your ears. You are familiar with it and you would know if the voice sounds a notch higher. If your coffee maker is making more than its usual sound, take note that is time to clean it.

Spewing Coffee All Around

Drama is not reserved for humans alone! If the coffee maker is spewing coffee all around when you use it, it is a dramatic sign that there is something wrong. Give the machine some attention and clean it nicely.

Why Should You Clean the Coffee Maker?

At the end of the day, a coffee maker is a machine and it needs tending. It is small and makes coffee but is still susceptible to getting spoilt. Here’s why is it important to clean the entire coffee maker:

Hygiene and Health

Any machine needs to be cleaned from time to time, and your coffee maker is no different. It is even more important for a coffee maker to be cleaned because it is something you use to make something you consume. Cleanliness will ensure that you are consuming healthy and uncontaminated coffee.

Residual of Coffee Grounds

You are brewing your coffee in the coffee maker, it accumulates residual of the products used to make the coffee. For example, the old grounds of coffee can get accumulated and clog the coffee maker. Presence of such old material is not healthy.

Mold and Yeast

There have been multiple studies, the most prominent one by NSF international, claimed that coffee reservoirs were among the 10 germiest home places. . Coffee maker has a warm and humid environment, which makes it ideal for nasty stuff to grow inside. Regular cleaning is necessary to avoid mold growth.

Home Hacks to Clean the Coffee Maker

You don’t need big machinesto clean your coffee maker. It is very simple and can be done at home. Below are some of the home hacks that can help you clean the coffee maker

Mixture of Vinegar and Water

The most common method is mixing water with vinegar. Put the mix of water and white vinegar in the reservoir of the coffee maker and start brewing. As the coffee maker will brew, the solution will help clean and wipe off the impurities of the coffee maker. Vinegar also helps to clean mold and yeast making it an apt cleaning solution. At the end, run the brew again with water to get rid of vinegar and it’s smell.

Baking Soda

Baking soda is an efficient component to clean any grease, stains and the rancid smell from the beans of coffee. Dilute the baking soda in water and pour in the water reservoir of the coffee maker. As the maker brews, it will work on parts of the coffee maker and clean it from inside. Do not forget to brew with clean water at the end.

Crushed Ice and Salt

The combination of salt with ice is one of the best choices to clean the carafe. It can be tricky to clean a carafe owing to its narrow mouth. Place some crushed ice on the carafe and sprinkle some salt on it. Just give a mix to it until you can actually see the combination cleaning the insides.

Lemon Juice

Lemon juice has citric acid and perfect capability to clean as well as vinegar would. The plus is, it will not leave a bad smell but a lemony scent after the use. It has to be used in the same manner as vinegar, it can however be used without water as well. It will clean the impurities, grease and also keep the ants away.

Mild Dishwashing Liquid

This is the quickest and also a temporary way to clean your coffeemaker. Just distinguish the parts and clean them using a mild form of dishwashing liquid. It will remove the dirt temporarily and it is the best way if you need a fast resolution.

Cleanliness is important and so is maintaining a hygienic environment. It has a direct correlation with your health. This piece gives you the brief about everything you need to know for cleaning the coffee maker. It is not difficult, pick the hack that suits you best and keep your coffee maker clean.

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