4 Most Popular Fast Weight Loss Diet

Do all kinds of weight loss exercise and nutritious diet with a reasonable diet can be more effective . Today, I will give you 4 quick weight loss menus to help you easily slim down.

Fruits and vegetables

First, eggs, milk + fruit vegetarian beauty law:

1. Breakfast: a soft-boiled eggs , a cup of milk, half an apple or some potato + ham + salad dressing .

2. Lunch: a bowl of rice dishes .

3. Eat dinner at seven , and lunch is almost, but eat seven to eight full , and over the nine not eat anything except fruit.

4. Available at bedtime cup of juice ( you can squeeze lemon juice + water + two plum ) ( taste good, remember no sugar ) .

5. With moderate exercise

Second, slimming foods diet yogurt:

1. After getting up : two glasses of water

2. Breakfast : vegetable juice 200cc

3. Lunch: yogurt 500 g

4. Dinner: vegetable juice 200cc

5. 1-2 glasses of water before bedtime

Third, the Apple menu:

1. Breakfast : a bottle of milk ( or coffee without sugar ) + a boiled ( or boiled eggs ) .

2. Apple: From 12:00 noon , eat an apple every two hours until 8:00 pm totally of five , eating is no longer eating apple a day is enough food to eat

Fourth, whole wheat bread + Western diet skim milk:

1. B: a grilled whole wheat toast , boiled eggs one , a cup of skim milk , a cup of tea ( Diet Coke can ) .

2. In which: a cup of skim milk , boiled tuna ( the same amount of chicken breast also ) boiled vegetables , fruits and a ( guava or apple, tomato ) , a cup of tea ( Diet Coke can ) .

3. Nights : dinner menu their deployment, but prohibit the consumption of starch and meat .

It is usually can lose six kilograms in five days, but at least you need to drink 2500-3000cc a day.


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