Health, Safety & Hygiene

We are level 3 qualified in food hygiene -the level 3 Supervising Food Safety course has been specifically developed to help you cover all aspects of the supervision of food hygiene and safety. This will enable you to identify problem areas and recommend solutions.

Why food hygiene must be followed when preparing food:

  • Food hygiene and personal hygiene are an important element in keeping the consumer safe from contamination
  • Bacteria cannot be seen by the human eye. The fact that they cannot be seen without special equipment is one of the main reasons they are not given as much attention as they should be
  • To understand why we need food hygiene and safety regulations in place is to be aware of the battle taking place between bacteria food and us
  • The main causes of food poisoning are often the result of improper handling, preparation, or storage. Practice basic food hygiene before, during and after food preparation

kitchenHere at the Seven Dials Restaurant in Brighton we have a 0% tolerance policy when it comes to following the health, safety and hygiene regulations. All of our staff members will so through sufficient training t ensure that they keep to a strict cleaning schedule. With so many customers in and out of our restaurant 7 days a week we don’t want to risk any harm to them through food that has not been handled or stored correctly.

Both the restaurant and the kitchen has a deep clean weekly carried out by cleaning professionals in Brighton as well as daily cleaning by our internal staff members. If you have any queries concerning this don’t hesitate to get in touch or find out more about us.


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